Wednesday, October 24, 2012

my teacher life

I just realized the other day that of all the blogs I've written, I haven't written much at ALL about my teaching career. 
this year, I have the amazing privilege of teaching an adorable group of 4th grade bilingual students.
they are precious.
they are so well behaved,
they love learning,
and I work really hard for them.
with all the "anchor chart" frenzy going on on Pinterest,
I thought I would share some of my proudest anchor charts that
I truly do teach from daily or weekly.
I do not believe in making charts or hanging up posters in my room just for decor.
I use all of them.
Here are just a few.
that's what teacher friends are for!!
we are using CAFE strategies from the "Two Sister's" this year

capitalization rules
gotta help those babies know what to capitalize

complex sentence- idea came from Jeff Anderson's book Mechanically Inclined

compound sentence- Jeff Anderson, Mechanically Inclined

simple sentence- Jeff Anderson, Mechanically Inclined

math key words
I DO NOT just use key words.
I also use "Thinking Patterns"
and UPS check
key words are helpful, but they are not always "right on",
so you have to teach your students MANY math strategies with those darn
word problems.

math vocabulary

traffic light paragraph


the writing process
I hope to add a lot more of my teaching ideas and strategies.
I have STOLEN a lot from others and created some of my own.
Have an awesome day!
Becca,  AKA Mrs. Tanner  :-)

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